Ali Alhimiri, MD

mr. VasquzDr. Alhimiri started the practice after completing his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2002, at Wayne State University hospitals in Detroit, Michigan and the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. He graduated medical school from University of Baghdad, Iraq.
Our care philosophy is focused on the patient as a whole, by addressing the biological, psychological, and social aspects of an illness. We identify the mechanics behind the illness, explore management options, address the psychological response to the illness, and address the social impact on the patient, their family and their role in society. Our goal is to empower our patients to cope with their pain and disability and enjoy a functional lifestyle. We aspire to serve the best interest of our patients, their families and society in general.
We believe that our most effective management tool for a patient illness is a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Our goal is to ensure that patients trust that relationship and feel safe to express their feelings without being judged or exploited. No medication or surgical procedure is more effective than the trusting bond between clinicians and patients.